Conquering Cravings Masterclass

Do you always feel like eating ice cream when you're alone at home?

Do you long for salty foods when you are stressed?

Do your cravings always show up?

Learn how to beat emotional eating and cravings!!

  • What Causes Cravings (it's not what you think)
  • Why willpower doesn't work, but what really does
  • Decode your cravings so you know how to nourish your body correctly
  • my 3 step formula to STOP UNHEALTHY food CRAVINGS

By the end of the masterclass, you will confidently have the step-by-step process of stopping self-sabotage and taking charge of your health.

This is a 90 minute masterclass designed to dive deep into the science behind why we get food cravings with proven strategies to get back into control.

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stop emotional eating!

24 March 2022 3pm AEDT

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Conquering Cravings Masterclass